Men might not be known for talking about their medical issues, but one group of leading Toowoomba businessmen is determined to change that.

And raise a lot of money in the process.

The It's a Bloke Thing prostate cancer luncheon launch yesterday once again had some of the city's best known business moguls strip to their undies and raise an issue most men don't want to talk about - prostate cancer.

A strut down the Wellcamp Airport tarmac helped reveal this year's naming sponsor QantasLink, which It's a Bloke Thing chairman John Fitzgibbons said was a coup for the fundraiser.

"They've come on with us which is wonderful," he said.

"Qantas is one of the most recogisable brands in the world.

"It gives us national prestige with our lunch having a national brand like Qantas on board."

Mr Fitzgibbons said he was a little apprehensive about stripping to his underwear walking along a cold and wet tarmac.

"It's not nice to have to strip down to your shorts in public and walk out onto an airport when it's raining, but we'll do anything to raise awareness for prostate cancer," he said.

"It's a very important cause (and) over 3000 men a year die from prostate cancer.

"The more information we get out there, the mre men will seek diagnosis early and we might be able to cut that figure back."

The group hopes to eclipse last year's national daytime fundraising record of $1.2 million at this year's luncheon which will be held at the Wellcamp Airport.