WHEN Australian television's own larrikin Karl Stefanovic is in the room, you know you're in for a good time. Team him up with jazz legend James Morrison and Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce and you'll be in fits of laughter.

The three were surprise special guests at today's It's A Bloke Thing Prostate Cancer Luncheon at Wellcamp Airport.This year's event raised a record $1.352 million for prostate cancer research and education. It's the highest amount raised yet.

The Today Show presenter took it upon himself to rename Wellcamp Airport "The Karl Stefanovic Airport" and crowds did not seem to mind.

"I like how the Wagners roll, they built an airport. It's impossible to get any infrastructure built these days," he said.

"In all seriousness, this cause is so vital and to raise awareness is the most important thing because one in six or one in seven of us will get it so the quicker we get onto it the better."

Mr Morrison inspired audiences with his talk about starting out as an "unremarkable" and "middle of the pack" trumpet player.

He recalled the moment he took his playing to another level; he was 16 and playing at a "real" jazz club in Sydney's Kings Cross.

The room fell silent when Mr Joyce told the audience about his own personal battle with prostate cancer. He urged every man, no matter how healthy they felt, to get a test he credited his life to.

Celebrity chefs Matt Golinski and Alastair Mcleod helped put together the five-star dishes at the event.

The It's A Bloke Thing luncheon was started by a group of Toowoomba mates and their wives. It is now regarded as one of Australia's most successful daytime fundraising initiatives.

Chairman and prostate cancer survivor John Wagner said education and research was so important in the fight against prostate cancer.

"More men in rural Australia die per capita from prostate cancer than those living in urban areas, we need to get men, especially those from the bush, talking about their health and get checked. Early detection saves lives," he said.