Hundreds gathered for the Run with Dad Darwin Event earlier this September for the Father’s Day Charity Run to help raise awareness and funds to fight Prostate Cancer.

Founder of the event, Katie Woolf said it’s a good opportunity for families to get out and about and even if people have lost their dads, it’s really nice for them to come out and be a part of something.

“It does sound cliché, but if there’s one bloke that goes and gets their health checked and they detect something because he’s been a part of the fun run, for me, it’s just all worthwhile.”

Darwin local, Chrissy Mills also joined the event to help raise money for a cause close to her heart after her father was diagnosed with cancer.

“My dad suffered from cancer years ago, but he’s fit and healthy now and my friend Rachel, her dad had prostate cancer but he’s also well.

“It touches so many people – if it’s not you, it’s somebody close to you so it’s definitely a good cause” she said

The Darwin event raised a total of $20,000 – going straight to the It’s A Bloke Thing Foundation to help fund research, education and care of Prostate Cancer.