What is your PSA Number?

If you're like many of the men that I have spoken to over the past six months, you won't know the answer to this question
(and if you do - well done!). Do you know what a normal number is for you? These are two questions that I urge you to
know the answer to. 

One of the goals of the roadshow is to encourage men to know their PSA number so that they are aware of any changes
occurring from one test to the next. Due to the frequency of doctors changing practices and locum doctors being used in
rural and remote areas, men can’t always rely on seeing the same person from year to year when they have their PSA test.
Yes…your details should be on file but we support the idea of men becoming more health literate.  Please know your number
as it is important information!

A memorable visit for me in the last couple of months was when I headed out west to Jundah to present to the council. I
managed to get 50% of the population to attend my presentation - congratulations Jundah for your phenomenal support!

When fuelling up in the small town after the presentation, a man noticed the Roadshow Ute and came over and said two
words that I hear quite a lot during my visits - thank you. After a quick discussion with this bloke, he told me that not only
himself, but some of his closest mates have gone through prostate cancer. He said that he tried to get one of his best mates
to see his GP and get checked, but unfortunately he didn't go early enough and when he was diagnosed it was sadly too late.

This is a harsh but real reminder that you're never too old to go to the GP and get tested. A reminder that seeing your GP
regularly, knowing what your PSA number is and knowing what your normal number is extremely important and could end
up saving your life. 
If you would like to have the roadshow presented at your workplace or organisation please contact me via  phone on
0417 739 166 or email ruth@itsablokething.com.au.

Ruth Logan
Education Program Facilitator