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As we step into the 14th year of the ‘It’s a Bloke Thing Foundation’, it’s astounding to reflect on our journey. What began as a casual conversation over a glass of red wine among friends has now evolved into a legacy that has raised over $13.5 million and potentially saved countless lives.

My personal battle with prostate cancer at the young age of 41 has been a significant driver of my passion for this cause. Having faced the disease head-on, I feel deeply privileged and humbled to lead this remarkable foundation into 2024. This personal experience has instilled in me a profound commitment to preserving and building upon legacy of Its a Bloke Thing. 

In the coming year, we will persist in our efforts to raise awareness and educate the public through our roadshows and diverse communication platforms. We will continue to fund dedicated specialist nurses to assist patients and allocate much-needed funds to research facilities in their quest to find a cure for this silent killer.

I also wish to extend my recognition and support to those who stand beside those battling the disease - the partners, families, and friends. Their role is crucial and often underappreciated. They are the unsung heroes of this battle, maintaining a brave face, keeping the family anchored, and providing unwavering support to their partner throughout the ordeal. These heroes warrant recognition and support, a sentiment I voice from personal experience.

This year, we have strategically strengthened the foundation with a clear vision of sustainability and expansion. Our aim is to extend our reach, provide more specialist care , continue to raise essential funds to make a substantial difference in the search for a cure, and of course, host an unforgettable Lunch in August.

Our endeavours would not be feasible without the incredible communities we are privileged to be a part of and the generosity of our past, present, and future sponsors.

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the Chairman of the ‘Its a Bloke Thing Foundation’. I am eager to contribute to the growth of the legacy that ‘Its A Bloke Thing’ embodies.


Tim O'Neill, Chairman

It's a Bloke Thing Foundation