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The Wagners It's A Bloke Thing Education Roadshow aims to start vital conversations between men, their families and with their doctor. Our aim is to raise awareness and encourage testing and early detection by increasing knowledge of Prostate Cancer within the Australian community.

A significant amount of our fundraising efforts are spent raising awareness and educating men and women about prostate health in rural and regional Australian communities. The current statistics indicate that men in these areas face a 24% increased risk of dying from Prostate Cancer. Our Wagners It's A Bloke Thing Education Roadshow delivers critical information to communities, corporate organisations, and public groups throughout regional and rural Queensland and the Northern Territory, in the hope of reducing this trend through early detection.

The program is very flexible but is typically presented in general community forums and workplaces. The roadshow has been attended by many workgroups, often in remote locations including:

  • Farmfest and AgGrow Field Days
  • Oakey
  • Wynnum
  • Millmerran
  • Kogan Creek Power Station
  • Wivenhoe Power Station
  • Lockyer Valley Council
  • Barcoo Shire Council
  • Barcaldine

Our ambition is to also capture the attention of men and women working on the land, so keep your eye on your local newspaper and our It's A Bloke Thing Facebook page to see when we are coming to your region.

To continue to develop and deliver this program, we rely heavily on the support of businesses. We appreciate the funds provided by the It’s a Bloke Thing Foundation and our generous corporate sponsor, Wagners. However, support of any kind is greatly appreciated to ensure the longevity of this community initiative.

If you would like to have the roadshow in your area please send in a request.  


"Thank you Ruth for presenting at our recent staff Safety and Wellness Workshop. In your own words Ruth, most people would expect a man to present this topic. However, when you share your experience with prostate cancer through various men in your family, your words are unmistakably genuine and heartfelt. You brought a beautiful balance of humour and evidence-based information which was so well received by our staff, with many team members commenting on how they needed to follow up by “making a date to check their prostate." - John Langton – Brisbane City Council

"Thank you for your toolbox session at the Capricornia Correctional Centre project on Tuesday 26th November with regard to men’s health and in particular Prostate Cancer. This toolbox has formed an important part of our “Rundown to Christmas” schedule with a focus on worker safety and wellbeing. The session was extremely well received by the majority of workers on the project with a number of discussions following the session being held. Your approach, delivery, and obvious personal commitment to the topic of men’s health shone through and was the key to engagement with the group."

"It was a fantastic opportunity to get the topic in the front and minds of our employees. Us blokes tend not to want to talk about personal medical issues so it was great to see employees having a general discussion around not just prostate cancer but health and general wellbeing. I believe your roadshow will continue to be a journey and driver to get the blokes to wake up to themselves and not be afraid to get tested and know their PSA Score.  The small wallet-sized cards that you handed out will certainly be a helpful reminder for me personally"

"It was our pleasure having you as our guest at Wagner Composite Fibre Technologies, it is always interesting and very warming when listening to a speaker that not only delivers the message well but also understands the importance of honing in on the respective crowd. For me personally, I am 40 years of age, and having sat in a session similar to this about three years ago got me thinking about my PSA’ score but that was about as far as it went, yesterday I called my local GP’ whom I have been with since birth and have booked an appointment to start the chat. I am sure this has prompted conversations and awareness in our workplace and will definitely be appreciated by all staff from CFT that you gave your time in speaking with the team regarding the 'It’s A Bloke Thing' campaign."

"That was an awesome Talk and I know everyone got a lot out of it.  I am Booked in for a PSA at 8 am tomorrow when I get home. Just passing on my appreciation."

"After hearing Ruth’s presentation and now knowing that men can be diagnosed with Prostate cancer as early as in their 40’s it really hit home for me as my husband is 38 years old, and I am in my early 30’s. I never thought this would be something that can affect young people or people around my age. I thought it was only diagnosed in older men! My husband’s family come from a strict religious background and I know this is something that they would never openly discuss. You can guarantee I’ll be sharing this message with my husband and starting the conversation about early detection and the different screening processes available."

Booking the Roadshow

If you would like to book the Wagners It's A Bloke Thing Education Roadshow to visit your workplace, please contact our Education Program Facilitator, Ruth Logan, on the below:

Ph: 0417 739 166

Email: ruth@itsablokething.com.au

About Ruth

Ruth Logan, our Education Program Facilitator, comes from a rural upbringing and has had personal experience with family members diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Coming to It’s a Bloke Thing with this background means Ruth is passionate about taking the Prostate Health message to the wider community.

She also has extensive experience working as an Allied Health Practitioner both in private practice and managing the delivery of Corporate Health programs.

Ruth particularly enjoys the challenge of translating medical science and jargon using everyday language that blokes relate to and can understand. Her goal is to encourage men to be more responsible for managing their health, in particular, their Prostate Health.  


Upcoming Roadshow Tour Location & Dates

State Caravan Rally

Date: 20th September

Maroochydore Mens Shed Roadshow

Date: 28th September

Camp Oven Festival

Date: 1-3 October

Chinchilla Lions Club Dinner Meeting

Date: 12th October

Mapleton Mens Shed Roadshow

Date: 26th October

Dalby Men’s Shed Roadshow

Date: 14th October

Jandowae Men’s Shed Roadshow

Date: 14th October

Glasshouse Mountains Men’s Shed Roadshow

Date: 20th October

VCV Brisbane South Roadshows

Date: 27th and 28th  Oct

West Toowoomba Bowls Carnival Roadshow

Date: 30th and 31st October

Highfields Mens Shed Roadshow

Date: 1st November

AACo Roadshow Skyring Office

Date: 4th November

Dalby Rural Supplies Roadshow/Fundraiser

Date: 25th November